Security Toolkit for Truck Drivers

The European commercial road freight transport sector faces many security threats today. While cargo theft continues to be a multi-billion-euro problem for the European transport sector, irregular immigrants and terrorists pose additional security risks to international trucking operations – the former are boarding trucks clandestinely to cross borders, while the latter have turned heavy vehicles into weapons by hijacking and driving them into crowds.


To address these risks, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, DG MOVE, commissioned Cross-border Research Association (CBRA) of Switzerland and TAPA EMEA (as a subcontractor) to develop a new security toolkit for the European Road Freight Transport Sector.


This new ROADSEC toolkit provides clear operational guidance that will help European truck drivers, haulage companies and other key stakeholders to address cargo theft, stowaway entry to trucks, and terrorism on European roads. It also updates and upgrades contemporary good security practices that are rapidly becoming outdated amid a constantly evolving risk landscape, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes.


The ROADSEC toolkit development took place during January-September 2017. The research team started by collecting and analysing existing documentation on trucking security and road transport security. During the project, the ROADSEC research team participated in three main events where trucking security experts were made aware of the project and invited to contribute to the work. The production of the final ROADSEC toolkit was an iterative process of synthesis and composition of existing and new material and continuous validation and refinement of emerging results.


The ROADSEC toolkit is structured into the following six chapters:

(1) Executive summary,

(2) Introduction and scope,

(3) Truck driver guidance,

(4) Managerial and key stakeholder guidance,

(5) Promotion, dissemination and sustainability plan, and

(6) Bibliography.


In addition, the key ROADSEC Annexes include:

(A) Top security tips for truck drivers (also called the “laminated sheet for drivers”),

(B) Security plan template,

(C) Truck security checklist (plus six further annexes).


A designated web-portal – – has been established as the primary distribution channel for the ROADSEC toolkit. Any possible future updates (from year 2018 onwards) will be available for download on this portal.


Finally, the authors of the toolkit would like to thank all the external contributors from European and national logistics, insurance, security and governmental sectors, who shared documents, provided review comments and suggestions, and/or participated in dedicated sessions with us.


And specifically, we thank the representatives of the following institutions, who joined our final workshop in Brussels, early June 2017, and really helped us to finalize the toolkit content (in alphabetical order): AIG Property Casualty, Baloise Insurance, CLECAT, DB Schenker, Deutsche Post DHL Group, ECTA, European Commission – DG HOME and DG MOVE, GDV, IRU, IUMI, MSIG, and PostEurop.